• A Loose Hold by Francis Upritchard

A Loose Hold by Francis Upritchard

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“Ram’s eyelids lazily closed, nostrils silently flared and ears flopped like a teddy bear. Two humanoid figures lay on its head in a centaur’s posture, feet dangling upwards.” —LPPL

The book explores scale and perspective in various ways: scale of works, dogs were used for scale in photographs, a wide range of age on the writers, and different sized pages and more. "A Loose Hold" is a book accomponing Francis Upritchard's first solo exhibition in Switzerland at Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart Biel including over 100 works. The exhibition was curated by Stefanie Gschwend.

Published by: Dent-De-Leone
Pages: 112
Weight: 680g
Width: 220 mm x 295 mm
Language: English / German / French
Cover: Hard Cover Swiss Binding