About Us

BACTERIA are our connection to deep time and environment. BACTERIA are our agents of change. BACTERIA sense, communicate and remember. BACTERIA shaped the world we live in. BACTERIA are our stewardship to all life on Earth. BACTERIA are the key to our existence.

BACTERIA BOOKS is an entanglement of something much larger than us. A contribution to culture and community through a place of assemblage, collecting, ongoingness. The visceral basket of the book. The intuitive vessel of storytelling. Continuous and simultaneous, a model that is never absolute, avoiding a linear chronology. A mycological exploration on a personal search for unexpected relationships and networks. A project founded for the cultivation of conversations and connectivity between artists and creatives through the medium of print.

𓆏 𓆏 𓆏

BACTERIA BOOKS FKA. Good Publishings was founded in 2019 by Lora Ward on Bundjalung Country, Byron Bay. As a specialist bookstore and distribution house, we curate a rotating selection of one-off, rare, and vintage books with a particular focus on the left-of-centre —alongside contemporary publications from small press publishers globally.

From its inception, BACTERIA BOOKS has developed cultural programming and events including readings and performances by Natalie Briggs, Shannon May-Powell, Joshua Lynch and Ariel Kalma.

BACTERIA BOOKS provides consulting and library building services for private clients, galleries, hotels, fashion & interior designers. Partners have included The Sunseeker Byron Bay, Lucy FolkSuku Home, Shop Jume and Yeah, Nice Gallery.